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Everything is Energy

Hundreds of years ago, human beings believed that the earth was flat and that you could fall of its edges if you traveled far enough – scientists were discredited when they claimed that the earth was really a round planet. It also took a long time for Western culture to accept the idea that the sun was the center of the solar syster instead of the earth being in the middle with all the other planets revolving around it.

We have come a long way since society's earlier earth-centered ways of perceiving the world - scientists are now able to map out more and more of the universe and our inner physiology, and they are seeing astonishing things. Mainstream science is now debating the nature of time and space as we know it and researching string theory, and questioning the theory of gravity as it applies to the universe and our ever growing technological advances in all areas both here on earth and as far and wide as we have been able to reach, so far. They even suggest that there are more dimensions than what we perceive on a daily basis.

SCIENCE now testifies to the fact that our world and we human beings consist of energy in motion, not solid objects.

Our culture hasn't yet absorbed this into daily habits of looking at the world, but

these are accepted facts: For example, when you see a table, you are really looking at a grid of particles held in an energetic pattern which appears to the human eye as "solid”. It is not really solid. Neither are we. We are all energy. The world you live in and the universe is energy. Everything is particles in vibration, energy in motion. Us included. A human being is not simply a body “machine”, as previous ideas tended to suggest. We are infinitely complex bioorganisms with a complicated consciousness that science still hasn't fully been able to map out. So they know that the universe currently is made up of 65% dark energy but what is dark energy you ask? THEY DO NOT KNOW. We live in a universe of which roughly 65% is completely UNKNOWN to us, except for one piece of information. It is powerful ENERGY. And our technology is being rapidly developed to the best of our abilities to even keep up with inventing ways to test all these new pieces of universal information they are finding in all areas of our existence. So energy transmutation... Not only possible but most definitely a part of our daily lives whether we are concious or in control of that is up to us but it's most definitely a real thing and I feel in the near future will become a more familiar and accepted concept. Being that most of what we were taught or made to believe as concrete information, is in fact another wonderful mystery of this infinite universe to which we are all connected.

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