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My TwinFlame is Awake Why are we not in Union?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

If my twin flame is awake why are we

not in union now? This is a question that often goes through the divine feminine's mind about their divine masculine counterpart but even if you are both awake this doesn't necessarily mean you can move straight to union.

When the divine feminine woke up there was a period where a lot of things changed in their life, lots of tower moments, with other people, relationships ending romantic and non romantic, jobs changing which may have been more intense experiences such as redundancy or performance related, having to change homes etc. The universe was working to move the divine feminine out of toxic environments and situations to let them know they deserved better and some of that involved having to show them this and remove the illusions. The divine feminine went through massive changes and challenging experiences as they went through a large growth spurt in their spiritual development and it could feel painful at times, confusing and emotional. The divine feminine questioned so much about themselves, about life, about their purpose, about their twin flame journey, about their divine masculine.

They looked deep and asked the difficult questions, they shred their old skin and they healed themselves using whatever support they needed. Then through all this they came out stronger, in their power, in their divinity, showing the world who they truly were and creating their life and living their purpose in line with their soul's path. The divine masculine goes through all this too and that is why the union may not happen right away when they wake up and realise they are a twin flame and you are their counterpart.

It may have been why they had started dating someone very toxic, to show them the contrast to highlight the difference between their true divine counterpart and a toxic reflection.

They may lose their job, their home and other things. The universe will be helping them shred toxic environments and situations too, and helping them heal. This is why faith and patience is required. The divine masculine needs the space and time to evolve just as the divine feminine needed, and this time will vary as each twin flame pair are unique in their own journey.

The divine feminine came through the other side and that shows the divine masculine can also. So whenever ego tells you to push things or that it's taking too long, remember your own experience and what you went through in your own awakening, it will help you have the patience and compassion for the divine masculine to be ready for your union. Your divine counterpart is just as strong as you and they are preparing themselves for union, they are getting everything they need from the universe to help them on their evolution, you just need to trust in this and allow the time it needs.

Keep focusing on you in the meantime, keep creating great things and enjoy your life, your divine masculine will catch you up and the universe will find the way to reunite you 💜

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