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Secret Number 144

Tendrils of electricity coil and spool, forming themselves into condensed patterns of information. Unraveling numbers, spelling complex formulas filled with life, and the arithmetic artistry crafted by the creator. All is the ONE shinning through the different fractals of infinity. The Harmony of the TWO creates the balance that is the THREE. The balance of the THREE, when fully engaged, implies/creates the FOUR. The information contained within, is that of one half of all of creation. And the first steps towards true divinity which are birthed with us at our genesis. THREE and FOUR are SEVEN and TWELVE; The information between is encapsulated when applied, the lower to the higher laws and planes. As above so below//So below as above. SEVEN, implies TEN and the hidden ELEVEN and in so all which come between. Within SEVEN as within up to the ELEVEN are the mysteries of the TWELVE, and with them the laws of the lower (hidden in the TEN shown by the ELEVEN) unravel the pattern of THIRTY SIX and SEVENTY TWO. As THREE and FOUR mark half the whole, SEVEN by SEVEN the lokhas‘ soar, lower chakras and higher, all must open; Secret number ONE HUNDRED FORTY FOUR.

Binary for Sun, Fibonacci Moon. Phi, thy ratio set; Curling back the pattern, unravelling the spools…

The conception of life, when polucida is entered, and energy joins with consciousness; Creating the first channel for torodial breath, thy division into duality now set. With active expansion, the seed has been planted, our first cells, holding in them our grafting, the whole tree as seed, and with it all thy many fruit. So it is with birthing life, in all forms but modeled within our own… Vectoring the seed, We grow to tree, individuation from the web of beginning; Our alignment and journey, set fourth before we broke soil. Now to unfold, as torodial fields grow, stronger our branches for fruit we produce. Planting tree, blooming flower, knowledge seed of life’s beginning…

The FOUR implied/created by the THREE as shown with Dr. John Dee’s description with (3) crosses.

FOUR sets of THREE make up the TWELVE. Aligned and arranged at the merging of conscious, the program set. Sealed behind the endless ring, encrypted secrets of light speed codes, quantum entanglements’ unfold, the frequency of space and all that’s enclosed. As the toros breaths, our sphere, it spins, not just what is Within, but also that which does not move and that which our brilliance makes anew, we now become; Our true selves not just Within, but cast like rays from a flame going all about… Learn the final secret by revealing the final self, and at last there is no time, no space, no other, just the ONE that is and the many that are ONE…

No matter the mysticism, No matter the faith, it’s all the same picture, just being seen from different vantage points. Learn of the source, merge with it and never be lost between them again.

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