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The Violet Ray

The Violet Ray Energy and the light beings of all cosmic color rays and especially the light beings Violet Ray Beings, The Purple Ray Angelic Beings, The Rose Ray Spiritual Nordic ET’s, The Cosmic Light Beings, the Blue Archangel Ray and Multidimensional Light Beings help heal and prepares for your ascension. That the Ascended host and angelic hosts regulate an antidote within your fire rings and aura conduits within your own higher selves.

The focus of this blog post and all that is shared is to help you reinstate:

1. The purification of the inner bodies (emotional, mental, ethereal and physical, spiritual and universal) because the soul feeds the spiritual centers through the cosmic mind of Source Love.

2. The raising of vibration action of the physical body. For if one simply raises your conscious through focus of even a simple color ray flame purity or god virtue you are loyal to uphold in daily activate and unto all others through the focus of the heart vibration of 8 Hz matching the Earth’s natural frequency (in real-time changes up and down) you can in an instant in a simple thought or breath restore good thought, heart space and way of life divine pure neutral as you walk around. And no matter the generation or lifetime you can remember and make note to self to stay within naturally organic life form of our universe resonance that god holds within his natural light body space sphere as well as our own, no kidding!

3. The attunement of the brain conscious (33Hz) to the heart flame frequency (7.83-9Hz) presence of our own within Source’s heartbeat central core pure neutral indifferent to any other godhead and great galactic central sun wavelength we bond and infuse within.

4. The expansion, bridge, and link of the spirit of Source through the soul self. And until each aura, light node, cell, atom, photon, and energy band we are of restores back into our divine plan, purity pattern, and intergalactic vision through cosmic law and law of truth matrix and life.

5. Focus on any Ascended Master as a physical tangible friend of divine family light and photo; they will assist you to achieve divine purity when you cannot for yourself.

Within your I am presence deity soul spirit purity life energy and feeling, thinking side of life has aligned as totality physical you in the now, feel so of divine presence in sacred fire energies color tones of all the divine color rays sacred ley lines, through The Sacred Fire Violet Ray purity interventions and soul nourishment previsions you when you call on any of us or the sacred fire Violet Ray.

*First let us discuss Light, a movement from left to right time elapses. The red wave has the lowest frequency, the purple wave is the highest frequency and the frequency is the number of waves that pass a point in space during anytime interval which is within one second.

Believe it or not, light still exist exists even at Zero Point Energy vibrations for light are flexible and can instantaneously come in and out of any physics quanta parables. And mathematically to suffice it is gone or in movement subtly none interfering with perception yet the light does not diminish over dispersing in other carrier means until needed. Frequency is measured in units of cycles or waves per second or Hertz (Hz). The frequency of visible light refers to colors that ranges from 430 trillion Hertz (Hz) and are seen up to 750 trillion Hertz seen as Violet. Also, the full range of frequencies extends beyond the visible spectrum, from less than one billion Hertz (Hz). There are many sources of light and the most common light sources are thermal such as our bodies can at a given temperature emits a characteristic spectrum of “black body” light radiation and the sun is a simple thermal source called sunlight and roughly 44% of sunlight energy emits to reach the ground is visible and takes eight minutes to reach us from the sun to earth.

The Earth’s orbit is calculated; a speed of 227,000,000 m/s and should be considered your location from the equator of actual speed. The effective velocity of light in various transparent substances that contain ordinary matter and density is less than in a vacuum while the speed of light in water is about 3/4 of that in a vacuum. For humans that are cool objects of matter fall into the blackbody spectrum that is in the deep infrared and at about 10-micrometer wavelength. As the temperature increases in the blackbody as researched online, the spectra peak will shift to shorter wavelengths while producing; first, a red glow then a white one, and into a blue-white color as the peak moves out of the visible part of the spectrum and into the ultraviolet phase. Atoms will emit and absorb light as characteristic energies that produce emission lines and can be spontaneous in the spectrum of each atom or light material such as a light bulb. Also, a deceleration of a free-charged particle such as an electron can produce visible radiation. Particles moving through a medium faster than the speed of light in that medium can produce visible radiation like artificial light from city and house lights too. When gravity combines with light it can slow light waves.

Violet noise generates and will produce lots of energy in the highest frequencies while one must consider each octave packs as much energy as the four octaves below it. Violet noise is known as differentiated white noise due to it being the result of the differentiation of a white noise signal. The violet noise generates very high energies at higher frequencies and its violet power density is proportional to f^2 and increases by 6 dB per octave. Violet noise is also referred to as purple noise and these names come from visible light that turns into these colors when a similar spectral distribution is applied mechanically. In healthcare applications, violet noise is used to mask tinnitus an annoying symptom that creates a buzzing, ringing, or whistling in your ears that is occurring without any stimulus and can be treated and corrected. Thomas Young studies; showing diffraction that supports the theory light consists of waves and he showed using diffraction light behaves like waves and that different colors were caused by different wavelengths of light that affect color vision in the receptors in the eye as well.

Now cosmic rays are extreme kinetic energies and the brain can create kinetic energy. Here we are saying the violet ray complements your aura presence and no cosmic or color ray should be dominant over another of Source’s divine will ray of course and is the crystal clear ray. Now light can be visible light having a wavelength in the range of 400 nanometers (nm). Or 400×10−9 m to 700 nanometers that are between the infrared with longer wavelengths while the ultraviolet has shorter wavelengths. The speed of light in a vacuum can be gauged to be exactly 299,792,458m/s (approximately 186,282 miles per second). Now let us get back to the violet ray…. Violet of the visible spectrum has the highest energy photons and Violet light has a wavelength of 4.10 x 10-12 m and a frequency of about 7.5 1014 Hz. The high-frequency light in the violet/blue band ranges from 380 to 530 nm or 8×1014 Hz as violet light. I want to make clear each frequency color and hertz individually is important to each cell in one's body as well as combos for example a single frequency light in a laser, can stimulate DNA in damaged cell tissue by using a low power laser under 50-milliwatts because higher lasers can cut tissue so increased healing can occur in the 660nm wavelength no matter what the frequency is.

It could be infrared, red, blue, or green, as long as it was single, yet as you move toward the red end of the spectrum the rate of cellular regeneration increases this means a single frequency in the green range might affect the organ kidney 40 times better than a normal base-line study. Whereas a red would be about 4,000 times faster as researched online. The 660 nanometer660-nanometer wavelengths can be the fastest way to regenerate tissue and if you have an injury you would normally recover from in ten days, you can actually recover that tissue in two days by treating it with light in the wavelength of cell tissues. Online research revealed at the University of Chicago researchers discovered the average wavelength of cell tissue in the human body ranged between 600 nanometers and 720 nm; 660 is the mid-point and the reason a 660 nm cellular restoration works better than any other single frequency. Because it is closer to the resonant frequency of your cell tissues and 660 nm absorbs better in hemoglobin to help to heal quicker and was found the cell. Can be in control of the healing and cellular treatment by shutting off the molecules when it was done therefore rehabilitating the cell exposed and treated to violet spectrums.

This means the laser hitting the cells is no longer in control over the doctor or the practitioner applying the laser that is in control. Yet if the healer or self-use does it too long or with too much strength you would not only heal the tissue but you would start a deterioration again so each client must be taken into consideration first of one’s ailment treating with color rays, practitioners styles, and, machinery. If interested in self-healing with cosmic color rays many factors must be considered such as the speed of the earth. The Earth moves at 1675 km/h or 465 meters/second equaling 1,040 miles/hour. Relative to your distance from the equator less or faster you are moving and every second your unseen moving speed is almost half a kilometer through space. Yet you don’t feel this and makes you think how fast each chakra, bloodstream, and thought as well moves through space or one's immediate environment and also must be adapted, calculated in healing ratios and antidotes. Including planets, stars, galaxies, and universe frequencies of the day which takes time but is interesting to investigate in your free time. And the source frequency which travels in the Holy spirit Frequency particles all weave the seven divine color ray rainbow colors and relative to the chakras of seven our own body is polluted or free and clear changes the frequency.

All frequencies, by the way, can be cleared by simply raising the Source Love Frequency quanta within you which is faster than any planetary and self-body radiation so clears all slower. This means by simply changing your thought and in a deep breath, you can change your frequency to a faster pure clearer energy holistic healing within one’s own aura presence and light body!

Also, the earth vibration, the brain vibration, the Christ frequency, and even the Gaza pyramid all resonate within the same frequency of 33 Hz when in balance and attune to nature and the Source presence frequency of zero-point quantum entanglement! If one is off-balance or sick or simply want to attune to natural frequencies then the C note, the 432 or 7.83, and the holistic and metaphysical 528Hz DNA Frequency healing are all mapping gauges to adjust one’s own life force, life energy, and emotions back to a purity level yet not the truth of true resonance purity meant for us. Let us for example consider the EarthEarth's circumference of the equator that is gagged at 40,075 km while the length of time the Earth takes to complete one full turn on its axis is 23.93 hours astronomers calculate a day over the 24hours we are accustomed to. Because one must consider the amount of time it takes for the Earth to complete one full rotation on its axis and also compared to the background stars one can research online too in more depth. The earth turns once completely in 23 hours and 56 minutes from above in northern form and is called this a sidereal day while also to consider is the time it takes for the Sun to return to the same spot in the sky.

From the Earth orbiting the Sun than it needs an extra 4 minutes each day to return the Sun to the same spot those astronomers call a solar day. And also one must include all other external frequency factors interfering over complementing; such as cell phone, radio, satellite towers, and all EMF radiation pollutions bombarding from those closest to you even. Slow all our own frequencies and so good to use spiritual technology to sustain and protect no matter the bombarding external influences, as well as our thoughts and emotions, can slow due to feelings of moodiness, lack of sleep and self emotional unspoken abuse and words going through our heads! Also, headstrong beliefs and your local on the earth comparative to the central galactic sun, our solar system, and planets reach us in unseen influences and liquidate or fill. Nice to know information can boggle the mind, don’t give up and remember when we can not for ourselves, Source/Love can! The cosmic music of the universe is of a personal nature down to the personal light bodies of the planet's conscious intelligence, the angels and elementals, divas create in the harmony of love and joy made.

The natural frequency or space sciences gage the impersonal universe to be of the CMB microwave hiss/hum of the Universe at 4080 Megahertz (4080 million hertz) – a B tone. I want to also include Pulsars. The impersonal violet ray is within these electric generators. Well, only two known pulsars also produce visible light, the Vela X (PSR 0833) and the Crab (PSR 0531), and the(Vela X) are from the constellation Vela in our Milky Way! And was seen on earth about 8000bce very much shooting spears of intense color every way like a fountain as flooding pulsing illumination! The Vela X beams 11.24Hz, or F# as a tone. And so many natural organic universes, immortal gods, and cosmos do integrate into our natural vibration frequencies on a second to second basis no matter the distance or unseen. This is a lot of energy bombardments or magnetism and radiation we cut out or lack that also interferes with our spiritual balance and goals for the day or healing needs.

We can have good intentions romancing we are locked in purity from the outside yet is going within that is our savior. We as natural organic organisms will continue to wrap ourselves in electromagnetic energy bands convenient for our own existence and interactions wanting. Also even tap water or shower water, food, and geometry systems, religious means can help or interfere, and when you use chemical products or homes built un organically changes one's own frequencies and biorhythms means for you in divine order and divine power. Lowering your frequencies or raising them consistently can seem, fanciful and surreal in the real world of all that is.

There are many zero-point energy products; crystals, quantum, scalar, volcanic, and, Nikola Tesla purple plates, orgone, chakra pendants, water filters, and clothing, etc if not listed here to combat external pollution, balance, and protect. Yet these are nonpersonal means of universal means over the divine personal means of Source personal heart flame zero-point energy’s of the inner world and heart love bioenergy blessed infused in divine particles swimming in the air we breathe and traveling in cosmic light waves coming into our planet.

Even our dream time are different dimension space spheres we need to decontaminate when we become awake by simply by calling on your I Am presence to come forth into your outer world and feeling, thinking side of life and bring perfection in all you do. Or are of so before you go to sleep you should do the same to create that bubble of strong force purity no matter the intergalactic breezeway you walk of and interact in as dream time. In death time and heaven state as well you will be doing the same no matter the generation, planetary galaxy, timeline in existence you are conscious of, note to self. I tend to like to be an indifferent light being and not attach to any color, organization, or planetary galaxy or means to stay pure over the personal god presence interaction, protection and infusions the Holy Spirit Frequency brings direct from Source.

I do use the violet flame, Stating: “I am a being of Violet Fire; I am the purity Source desires.” As well as the crystal clear/white flame the morning guides help brings through you in the entire rainbow divine color rays. And so forth of each color divine ray, I go through in my mind meditations to sweep through me and every light node and cell in me. Asking the Ascended host to back me up, also I like to wear a natural clear quartz crystal that is the vibration of the earth frequency when in public. To set an invisible bubble around me when in mass conscious places and cities as well helps keep you in divine resonance you can see me wear yet even I just don’t like to be loyal to ones means of being over the god heart core central inner body purity firstly, keep in mind.

Even the violet flame representative; Saint Germain and his comrades of light intergalactic help many galactic communities and in each dimension the rainbow color rays hertz changes due to atmosphere, planetary motions and, light being soul people dimensional genetics an

d born of. Christos belief and religious diversity just like the Earth realm all must be accountable for one’s own choices even so.

Talking of Saint Germain; I had a past life with him, close of many and back then we simply traveled sharing the word using the Holy Spirit color ray to stay pure as we were taught in dimensional life. Yet he alone spent many lifetimes perfecting and is in charge of the violet flame cosmic power and avenue. Over where I spent many lifetimes in women and men locked in karma and distractions I must say in regret. Maybe you are totoond why it is important to use the violet flame to transmute all karma, all lower thoughts, chakras, and, bodies. All fear to dissolve all negative even unconscious and dream emotions, separation and lovelessness parables embedded for many generations of you.

No matter life time or millions of years of your existence as I have the rainbow divine color rays always are consistent to each soul person as the eternal clear and free means to make things right in one’s life base of light regardless our background changes for many lifetimes we take on as personal eternal soul people. Our future selves also will be using the same Source Frequency to back them up and all the divine ascended host, maybe different titles are all. It is a fact his personal immortal love Saint Germain, his spiritual court, and angels bring forth through the violet flame rays, temples, retreats, and octaves do help alleviate. To lighten the gunk within and pave the way for the resurrection and ascension flame to do their part for you clear and free in each lifetime too. And can be used no matter the generation, timeline, or awareness reality and planetary you go to after death consistently. As well in the higher realms, paradise, dream, and meditation, all use divine color rays to purify even still.

Nothing of good karma and good doings leaves you after death and resides as your energy bands and recorded in every cell of you yet you must still call in the divine purity within the heart and mind to be so at every second forward even so.

*Remember everything is energy so everything is a frequency and vibration and you are eternal light intelligence living energy!

Researching online you will find the Crown Chakra resonates with the color violet and (note F) yet the core of the crown chakra is clear|white. The color violet has a vibratory frequency of 750 000 000 000 000 hz and that score is trillions! Breaking that down to a useful frequency we need to come down from this high frequency by exactly 41 octaves which equal at 750 000 000 000 000 by halving the number 41 times we will have a resonance of 341 Hz, note F.

As we speak today people are going to go to mars and live there so this opens a whole means of frequency equilibrium and divine purity attainment one will need to adjust to stay within the truest god frequency interfered or distraction no matter where you’re local and the generation born! For children born in space, on mars and other planets will be real-time earth citizens. Then their biorhythms will also be adaptive and different from those born on earth even if genetically related!

Their astrology and plants in space can also relate differently as their sun star and local lay lines in space over the once norm of earth. Where we are in our solar system while us on earth if you want you can residence and feel Venus energy or sun energy frequencies. That can also be drawn on for they are all light intelligence light beings organic alive and can be adapted in your healing. Spiritual attunements and earthy or planetary influences pull and radiation norms. Within your own birth chart, astrology, star family, genetic coding, time of day, and aura presence we deal with on a daily basis and all must be not override over another of other natural organism factors. And why it is necessary daily to regroup, align and allow our auras and vibrations back into peace, harmony, and love within “all that is” of purest neutral firstly (crystal clear) to be true to ourselves and those we care for. Now the Violet Flame Ray is of the Cosmic Light Beings and Masters of the light norm to utilize in the restoration of all galaxy, timelines and, purity, aura realignment, balance purposes. By helping us humans and other Christed Light Being communities or timelines and generations they must have help from the great grand central sun. They magnetize and draw from a breath then they breath out the purity radiance of any color purity ray and vibration wavelength frequency for all needed.

This helps release, pollution, helps elevate separation from Source and rebalance the auras, lower thoughts, and paves the way for accession on the divine spiritual side of things. Known as the freedom flame, the transmission flame, the “I AM” Presence and,, the violet flame that comes really from the central core sun and galactic central sun that the masters of light and us can draw for when needed through them.

Saint Germain “I Am” Presence Founder

Spiritual Telepathic Transmission Message he is conveying through me for you: Saint Germain; “The violet ray was and is still my only purpose in life! I begged the karma board and submitted many decrees and dispensation in many lifetimes as well as my ascended self and do so as the messenger.

I want you to know my temple in the Mount Shasta mountains, USA is an etheric palace of light very real and tangible. Created for all students, seekers, and, those wanting a little more light knowledge than the physical holds and sciences. (The messenger is crying softly and quietly as she writes this for she is thankful to be of assistance.) And we are thankful; you are reading to learn how the holy comforter through the violet flame can be of service in many ways! This is where not only in Mount Shasta you can come in your sleep as most already know reading this you can come into any mountain etheric retreat many ascended masters and archangels host and learn a little, respite, gather around any cosmic sacred fire retreat and, temple besides those I hold and sit with the masters as they teach, lecture and share stories. Of a long time ago and future light beings ways and growth adaptive within your own form of manifesting divine grace, healing, and love beyond the norm! For more advanced felt with you will be escorted then by your guardian of light or angel sent for you and you can come to the cave of symbols or cave of light even the violet temple by me simple magnetically pulling you in my radiance and light intelligence capability as some of you allow I will. Where there is a grand cosmic screen to delete at the panels all your karma and lack of horrid memories.

This is not without a coscost! For when you go back to your reality you bring in your aura to those you care for or any environment the violet flame ray emanation and healing presence. It is your eternal birthright to use the rainbow rays to accelerate your divine plan, effortlessly, gracefully, and divine law standards you are of and committed as humanity intergalactic eternal service and love of source intelligence divine father.

Be in the freedom flame through your heart always beloved, Saint Germain.”

Archangels Amethyst & Zadkiel are the Violet Flame & Healers of Light bodies. Call on them now and let them in your conscious lifestream, mind, emotions heart, and aura presence cutting all discord, lack, and discontent. Then restoring spiritual divine power, will, and love by opening your chakras letting them in to do all the work for you and clear you pure and clean anew today!

Divine transmission Message; Archangel Zackeil: When individuals ask for the opportunity to finish their earth school, divine plan and way back home through the ascension one must transmute in this embodiment rendered the required personal purification. If in this embodiment one can handle the necessary means and procedures to move forward with your ascension in the course of one lifetime the Karma Board will deem the necessary assistance, and cosmic light rays and purification if one at least tries. To be a candidate for ascension is not easy for some and at any time may abandon the course of individual transmutation, classes, and redemption of karma needed to ensure so.

Like a school college course can reenter at the seven-step any time and finish your divine path effortlessly and through grace resolved you are glad you try even at your own pace is okay. Some misunderstand this divine ascension process through the violet ray, sacred fire flame is the seven step process and will have more color rays to explore and adapt in one’s own “Soul Color” aura presence of light intelligence of the eternal spirit never ends. For the freedom and mercy, forgiveness and the “Law of the Circle” is also deeper rooted or in stagnation fazes of abandoned divine integration and lack to pull from good karma, blessing and, temple teachings even so. At any time it is noted in and one can move on from there resolved self eternal well-being is worth it! No one wants more than ever for any chela or student to one's own return home pure and clear released by one’s effort while us backing you up in our octaves of miracle mantels of light and immortal love personally as an eternal team we strive! Done with earth experience forever and also be of service then possibly to the God-free realms one moves forward in ascension status joy, peace, and harmony; renewal in faith, truth, and love for all. That actually, sticks because one is not making more bad choices compiling a backward spiral appearance distancing of source divine father of the great grand central sun and first creation of all creations.

By making of all disqualified energy, misuse of life and fall from grace to be assisted and not bring on unneeded chaos, fear and abandonment issues. Because one can simply in their own conscious that is their own vessel allow divine love, divine mercy, and divine will to move forward to clear your own energy current, chakras, thoughts and, feelings for all lifetimes is the Comic Key when you can not for self, we will when we are requested. All the cosmic color rays will assist when you call on the fourth sphere angels, first, second third, the fifth, sixth and seventh cosmic color divine rays are manifested in each sphere of influence to restore and melt, designate your light body, soul, physical etheric, mental and the emotional bodies through the silver ray which is your Christ energy self. Invocation, ministration transmutation of good intent will have the angels and temple teachers of light assist in the etheric form. The discordant energy can be deeply embedded or hidden and so one must not let ego seem as if you have cleared yourself. Spiritual vitality, spiritual resuscitation, and divine plan of each one reading have to remember it is the freedom flame that brings the best energy.

Of the freedom flame of the Violet Ray and sacred fire. The casual body is registered all lifetimes and where one must center this octave of self to

really allow Archangel Raphiel, Archangel Michael, myself archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Uriel, Lord Master Hilarion, Amethyst, and all their divine counterparts along with their legions of angels to back you up thoroughly, whole heartily to enter your octave and centuries and lifetimes of discord still inhibiting you to truly be free and ready to start the ascension qualifications we speak of in many books, messengers and right here. And so the purity presence of self must be called forth to bring Saint Germain as head of the violet ray even in a dream you will be guided, helped and taught about freedom which is purity clear perfectly, presently and permanently! The Source virtues by being master of your own timeline flame within your heart magnetized rhythmically, oscillation and releasing all that does you no good once and for all and for all lifetimes for millions of years of you. Adding all others you care for, all countries and planets would be nice no matter time line and we will be there even still with or without you for you and all you care for, they care, for, and so forth!

Source will, Source love and Source wisdom is a start to focus here and allow Saint Germain to take his miracle mantel and does you clear and free while you ask to bring the ascension flame, the resurrection flame and the sacred fire diamond heart love flame in your own heart and try to meet him halfway. Within you as divine scientific application and assistance when you cannot for self the ascend light beings can bring more qualified energy into the casual body when asked. Your spiritual freedom of all rebellion, loss of hope, faith, and truth can be disqualified energy still deeply embed in the heart, mind and through disqualified life, mind thoughts and feelings keep you from your divine path, achieve so. The focus on the freedom flame to dispense all your disharmony, hurts and lacks to allow all good fortune, well-being and contentment to be replaced as qualified light that the Violet Flame opens and restores you breathing in simply and breathing out the violet flame naturally can become normal and unconscious eventually for the sincere. You see your energy will not go anywhere other than alleviated, faster vibratory and more of you to be clear and free to just be, really instead of allowing the behavior of the 7 sins and bodies rule your day, world, thoughts, and feelings disengaging the ascension flame the Christ self light energy of the silver ray keeps flowing. Your discordant energy will oscillate through the violet flame into light energy purity for you to work and be of here on out.

The color divine rays rise into the atmosphere and so the violet ray fire purity must be consciously present within, weaved in your own living light clearing all that does you no good as it surfaces as much as you can and can remember daily. Also at times, you feel fear, depression, or of casual lack in any supply focused on the violet flame to restore your casually body to become unified through cosmic law in perfection. Bringing your perfection and good of all form as promised in divine intervention, blessing and, source life as you, the cosmic spirit of god through the Holy Spirit. Transmuting your disqualified light back into alignment of divine qualified light meant for you and all who are in your immediate garments of light, your aura presence, and life will also have a purification deep within of a gentle nudge to follow of same divine illumination. Any bad thought surfaces; zap it with the violet ray flame! Any discord or frustration creeping up, transmute it with the violet fire. Any discontent unto another that has done you wrong, irked your emotions simple command the violet transmutation flame disintegrate all feeling and thinking side. You are in the third dimension and so it is normal to feel lost, hurt, moody and, lack not okay to let it grasp you for that is then illusion world temporarily escaping the real world going about you by just being in peace, freedom to just be and self-love by letting go all that does you no good as it comes to you. Any past memories of lower thought fill your head? Cremate those thoughts and feelings through and thoroughly the violet transmuting fire that is discordant disqualified energy and not of Source will for you meant. The Violet Ray must be called on for the blessing and duty of each likeness and purity they are wanting to also be free, pure, and alive source free even so. Instigating them to seek more forms of self purity and goodness they could not have unless they are in the sphere of influence of their own violet-ray Presence, violet ray integration, and, Source virtues to start. And at a planetary scale even better the violet flame of transmutation, freedom, and, liberty washes away all discord that also many millions of year’s lifestreams have contaminated and left behind in the casual body of earth and themselves in error.

The earth then can be set free and be the freedom star Earth once soul people influence that humans come to rely on the earth to help leave earth school once and for all and finish their divine plans in accordance of universal cosmic law. And also the Earth, all need to ascend then to the fourth dimension and beyond while still in the same orbit and gravity of third so below as above. The mercy temple, Kwan Yin and her spiritual court, angels and ascend light beings can help you achieve clearing Karma, abating good Karma in place and deep at each bodies; physical, etheric, mental, and emotional of the 7 sins muddiness and contamination at each are ejected, cleared and replaced of purer light for each who calls on her personally will help you. Most importantly as well to note in each life record your efforts and good karma then can be abated unto you in real-time as needed being free pure and clear to allow so. You will know spiritual nourishment through the violet transmutation sacred fire-filled instead; contentment, joy, centered, and love you are not used to liking yourself through simple light and energy qualified purity. Of one’s own heart center, thoughts, and body aligned in your Christ presence, “I AM” light and love. Call on the dove of light of the Holy Spirit to back you up and fill every cell, aura photon, and, heart vibration coming from you. Eternal gifting you strong force as you draw from the depths of your soul being.

Your Diamond Heart core fire saturating feel anew, open to just be! It is not easy being human in a divine spirit light body and why the Violet Ray was created and comes from Source’s love great central sun unto you when you pull from your inner body and that of Source Father’s divine central love wave. Spirit filling you harmony, contentment, and all good supply divine intervention because you let so firstly letting Source Love you when you love self more so really will make a difference. This means deeply for generations you have not forgiven self for all timelines otherwise you would have been ascended and living in higher dimensions free of lower influence and karma accumulation unnecessary and why the mercy goddess and angels of the violet transmutation fire can make a difference when called upon today, every second, in a dream and after death. For eternal self in real-time will always have to abate real-time self-creation over Source co-creation with you because free will is a cosmic law eternal gift and cannot be miss used, taken advantage of qualified universal pure light as eternal creator beings granted liberty, justice, and love right alongside Source. When you cannot feel freedom and pure is why the dispensation of the divine cosmic rays and sacred fire violet freedom flame will by your ownCutaway call and step aside to let the cosmic violet fire angels with their mighty cosmic pure color rays specialized immortal love swords. Cut away all that does you no good every second and was meant for you as Christ Presence consciousness precipitation and ministration while anywhere in the cosmos and generations you are born within. Are aware of eternal timelines no matter dreams, afterlife, or, heaven! – Archangel Zackeil