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Twin Flame Sacred Sex

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

The sexuality of Twin Flames is different than that of soul mates in many ways. Due to the shared higher self, tantra comes very easy to them in a loving melding and melting of deep passionate lovemaking. Once they learn to slow down, they become one in movement and can edge and crest in the orgasmic pleasure together becoming multi orgasmic and coming as one.

The energy of orgasm can be used to visualize manifestations and co create their healing, their mission and union and bring down what is created above.

The sexuality of Twin Flames is alchemy and will also bring trauma and dysfunctions to the surface for clearing. Their sex both brings up and transmutes dark energies within them both.

Their sexual union of divine love heals them both and strengthens their connection in all energy bodies and gives off vast amounts of light which also sends out beams of healing energy into their immediate surroundings, healing both flora and fauna, people and places in a vast radius surrounding them both. They are serving the world through their love and sexual union in unimaginable ways.

As they are aligned through all lower, middle and upper chakras through their 12 chakra connection they merge energetically and create a joined merkabah and unified field.

This enables them to reach higher dimensions of consciousness together and become even more connected.

This is in no way an easy feature however as it brings a lot to the surface of what has yet to be healed, but then it also heals what has already been brought up. This is true sexual healing and integration of alchemy.

Sacred sexuality is the template they carry and what they have longed for all their lives and may have tried to create with former partners, yet not successfully as the two carrying the same consciousness and higher self can connect by divine design in ways a set of soul mates simply can't, it is like coming home.

Home to divine love, the way they always knew love was meant to be.

Their sacred sex stimulates and activates the entire endocrine system, otherwise known as the 12 chakra system. By the exchange of vital fluids and contact between the tip of the penis and the G-spot (shallow thrusts) also known as sexual kung fu, the glands produce more of the rejuvenating and regenerating hormones that creates radiance and vitality.

You may notice many twin flames in union start looking younger and more radiant as they step into harmony after the exhausting power struggle, the running, chasing and separation.

Once they surrender to their path and find balance, peace and harmony within and without they experience life in a way few are bestowed. Manifestation of their destiny and their heart based desires becomes a natural part of their mission and union.

To learn more about Sexual Kung Fu I highly recommend the work of Mantak Chia , world famous Inner Alchemy and Chi Kung master, founded the Universal Healing Tao System in the 1980's and is the author of 35 books including Sexual Reflexology, Healing Love through the Tao, and the bestselling The Multi-Orgasmic Man.

When both twins come together in intimacy they should let the higher self come through and with the use of the heart center and imaginative faculty and their source creative energy they create a trifecta of creation and manifestation energy.

Two lucid heart centered beings serving source will be served by Source in return and this is one of the many ways the twin flames can serve humanity and planet earth.

Sex is a sacred act and especially between the twin flames as the love is so deep and divinely ordained. Source is at the center of their union and if they allow Source to come through them and guide their consciousness,

Their union and mission will flourish, but only if lower vibrational sexuality (porn, carnal sex etc.) has been transmuted into sacred sexuality.

Tantra is the path of the beloved. To see God in your partner,

To experience divinity in the eyes of your beloved,

to witness divinity in all living things.

To live deeply and passionately through the senses and no longer be senseless, mindless and unconscious of the simple pleasures of life, such as the pleasure of deep breathing,

The scents in the air, the subtle and not so subtle tastes of life,

the touch of a lover, the sounds of water passing through the creek, The waves crashing on the beach, the birds singing sweet songs of spring, or a cup of tea in the early morning with the dew drops dripping of the leaves. The simple yet profound joys of life, fully immersed in the moment.

Tantra is utter devotion and selfless service to your partner,

taking pleasure in their pleasure without necessarily getting anything in return, except for the joy of seeing, hearing and feeling them engulfed by and rapture in ecstasy.

In this way, sex becomes a prayer, it becomes a spiritual practice and experience that transcends lust and desire, not that lust or desire is bad, it is simply that tantra takes us to another level.

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