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Twin Flame TOWER moment?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Are you going through this phase with your twin moment?

The tower moment often pops up to wreak havoc on any relationship, although it’s not always easy to spot.

You might feel like you are out of control or your feelings are confused, but actually, none of this is true.

The Tower moment comes in any relationship where there’s a deep LOVE connection, and all you need to do, is get through the tower moment with dignity to have that love again.

What is the Tower Moment?

The tower moment refers to the tarot card of the tower being struck by lightning while people are falling out of it.

The Tower moment refers to when your relationship feels like it’s in freefall, and you feel powerless or confused about what is really happening.

So often, this happens after a honeymoon period when everything is amazing, then suddenly it hits you.

The tower moment in a twin flame relationship can seem like a never-ending test and it sure does get everyone talking about you and your relationship because we all think we know better, right?

However, it can feel very destructive if you are not aware of why this is happening.

I have even seen twin flames go through a tower moment at the same time, dragging each other down.

Physical vs Spiritual love

Often one partner withdraws, because they have stopped feeling the chemistry, or that physical connection that you felt when you first met.

They are not “feeling” that spark anymore, but then again, maybe they are sensing this is something deeper?

Love is more than a physical connection obviously, but not everyone knows that.

It requires spiritual maturity to understand the difference between physical chemistry and spiritual love.

Many people mistake one for the other, thinking that a physical connection equals a deeper spiritual love.

This is not true, but it’s only when you go through the tower moment that you will start to understand this.

That lack of understanding can then lead to confusion within your twin flame relationship, creating even more distance.

I have seen this happen to many twin flames, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s your choice, and you can learn how to get through the tower moment in a dignified way.

It’s another phase in your relationship and requires maturity from both people, or it can really hurt your twin flame connection.

The Tower moment is not the end of everything though, even though it can appear that way and once you go through this phase, things will start to get easier again.

Why does the tower moment happen?

There are many reasons why the tower moment happens in a twin flame relationship.

I am only going to mention the top 3 reasons, because of course there are many other reasons too.

1) To test your love

The tower moment is a testing ground for you both. It’s like the universe saying “Are you sure this is what you want?”

This means that each twin flame will get an opportunity to test their own desires and feelings, and whether they are ready to commit.

It’s a test because when times get tough, it sometimes seems easier for one twin flame to give up and leave the relationship behind.

Love needs a stronger foundation than just a physical connection, which is why this could happen.

Deep down the twin flame relationship is a spiritual connection, it needs deep understanding and a bond that is much deeper than physical love.

If your relationship can’t deal with the “tough” times, will it be able to survive as a long-term commitment?

That’s what this tower moment tests, and you both know deep inside whether you are ready for this or not.

2) To break the ego

However, when you get through the tower moment, it means that each of your egos have died a little bit.

You have both given up some control or power over the relationship, something that can only happen because you have made yourself vulnerable to each other.

When two twin flames go through this phase together, they are helping each other.

The best way to get through the tower moment is for both twin flames to do it TOGETHER and to support one another.

3) To make you stronger

What people seem to forget, is that the tower moment is actually not only a testing ground… but also a learning experience.

Yes, it can feel like everything is falling apart at first, but if you can get through the tower moment, you will grow a lot stronger as a couple.

When two people go through this phase together, it’s because they have some spiritual connection on a deep level.

In any relationship, there are going to be tests and vulnerable moments, but with twin flames, it can feel like everything is being tested all at once.

That’s why it is very important to show each other support and understanding during this time.

It can be a bit like an initiation for you both, where you will learn things that only the twin flame connection could teach you.

How does one go through the tower moment?

The first issue we come across with the tower moment, is that it’s not easy to pinpoint exactly when the tower moment takes place.

The tower moment can happen very suddenly or slowly creep up on you, depending on how it happens.

It all has to do with the physical connection dying down a little bit.

When this happens, your relationship might be in “transition.”

People can feel like their relationship is “over” because of this, and that the twin flame connection has failed.

But it’s important to understand that the twin flame connection NEVER fails, even if your physical love for each other might not be as strong as before.

A physical breakdown can eventually lead to a spiritual breakthrough.

When the physical connection dies down a little, it is not necessarily a bad thing, because there is still an emotional and spiritual connection that can be built on which is much stronger than any physical connection.

With most soul couples the physical connection becomes something more than just intimacy when they understand each other deep down.

It’s important to remember that when you get through the tower moment, the twin flame connection will be even stronger than before.

This is because there has been a breakthrough in both of your egos, which has made you more vulnerable towards each other.

The tower moment is not only necessary for the growth of the twin flame relationship, it is necessary for growth in yourself as well.

When you go through the tough times together, both of you will grow stronger.


The tower moment is a very important time in your twin flame relationship.

It is a period where the physical connection dies down, and you both have to make a choice if you want to give up on your relationship now… or build it stronger from the ashes.

Both choices are not easy ones, but with unconditional love and patience from both sides, you will be able to get through the phase together.

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