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Celestite Crystal Clusters Morocco Specimen #2

Celestite Crystal Clusters Morocco Specimen #2

SKU: celestitecluster2

Associated with celestial beings, Celestite is strongly connected to divine energy and cosmic supernatural forces. As the result, this gem is best used for pursuing spiritual strength. Celestite also promotes discernment or higher spiritual awareness. This makes the stone good for gaining understanding and promoting inner peace.


Celestite is best used as a focus point of meditation, prayer, or mindfulness. This stone does very well as a visual piece in private space used for mindfulness practices.


Celestite is an excellent healing stone, it dissolves pain and brings love to you. It treats the eyes and ears, eliminates toxins from the body and repairs at a cellular level.
​Celestite relaxes muscle tension and calms mental torment. ​It will help mouth ulcers, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, dry mouth, tooth decay, gingivitis, strep throat and many more. ​Celestite helps you be truly present in your body while still being connected to the spiritual world. If you are in a visionary business like a new age store, a metaphysical practitioner, visionary artist or any other spiritual related business, keep this stone close by. It's also helpful if you are running a conscious business engaged in integrating spirituality and ethics into business practices. It helps you to still be prosperous  while providing conscious or spiritual services.

Celestite is useful for clearing infections and attachments of all kinds. They are cleansing to the auric field, stimulating to the energy systems of the body and can help activate the metabolism. It is useful for helping to heal eye infections or weaknesses. It also can stimulate the digestion, balancing appetite and encouraging weight loss. It is especially useful in assisting with issues of kidney weakness, bed wetting and urinary tract infections.


 Celestite is often associated with divine power and is thought to increase understanding, higher consciousness, as well as mindfulness when used in meditation and prayer. 


A high vibrational crystal that works with the throat, third eye, and crown. Very fragile and some minor crumbling may occur. Each one is unique.

From Madagascar


All crystals are cleansed before sale. Can be charged with intention at no extra charge!

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