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I AM love.



My name is Erica.


I AM a powerful divine feminine soul whose soul purpose in this lifetime is to aid others on their path of Ascension. Regardless of where you are on your journey, I am equipped with the tools/ codes to propel you towards your most authentic YOU.

I do this through a variety of gifts and skills which are continuously evolving and growing as I am led and taught in spirit by various Ascended Masters and Archangels, guided by my own Ancestors and Galactic Light Relatives of various star systems, for the purpose of one ultimate goal / mission: 



 to assist us all with this, I wear many hats:

A Quantum Energy Healer.

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Tarot Reader

Certified Crystal Healer

A Psychology student (2nd year BA)

A Divine Channel (Psychic/Medium)

Twin Flame Divine Feminine

Shaman (natural abilities/ memories of sacred traditions from past lives have surfaced / been shown to me by my ancestors)

Druid ( past life / TREES <3)

Ascension Guide

Spiritual Counsellor

(my soul is old as f**k)

God is always with me. I am one with source. I am LOVE itself.


Hey everyone and welcome to Love Light and Lunacy! 🖤


I offer psychic readings and powerful multi-dimensional energy healing sessions. However, as a lightworker, I share Ascension, info, offer counselling of various kinds (Psychology Student), and most of my "work" is unpaid, and involves raising my own vibrations / consciousness as I align with more and more of my own purpose and mission here on earth, in a time that has been prophesized as far back as we have found. This site will soon contain a fountain of life changing information.

I know love is going to change this world.
I am a natural born psychic and strong Empath.  However, due to the Empathy being insanely overwhelming at a much younger age I worked
to shut out what I had always referred to as "My magic". Well the universe had other plans for me, or I guess always 🤔 and so for the past few years or so (since being blessed with merging with my Twin Flame Divine Masculine) my gifts have been growing both in strength and in number. It seems through an immense amount of pain endured throughout my 33 years and thriving, and my journey to Self Love, I am now following what is my "Divine Path". And let me just say, the amount of people whose lives are forever changed thanks to the love that God shines through me, has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I have a wide variety of skills to which I am a perfectionist at each and every one. It is my passion to change this world, with love. My strong and ever growing connection to the Universal Energy greatly aid me in my passion to helping others. Through what I now refer to as my:


Now I know that some of you may not be aware of the very real power of Energy and "that which we cannot see" and this is not a space where you will be forced against your personal beliefs.
I do not feel it a positive use of universal energy to waste it on those who are as of yet, unaware.
I will however say that this is a welcoming place of love and respect for all, including you skeptics 😍 who may just find some enlightenment while following me on my journey 🧘‍♀️💥💫🥰 but no negativity allowed please and thank you ✌💞

As I have a variety of passions you will find posts including Psychic, Spiritual, Astrologogical, Psychological, Scientific and a Physical nature. Overall just a place for guidance, love and healing for all, oh and can't forget my love of the Moon and the LUNACY 🙃🌚

-Bookings for Energy Healing will always begin with a FREE consultation to see what exactly I feel we can work on together and develop a custom plan for our first session 💞
Please message me anytime for info and I'll do my best to reply within 24 hours.



Erica Peltier (Owner)

Love Light and Lunacy 

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