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Professional  energy  healing  work,  can have  a  profound  effect  on  the  vibrational  frequencies  of  every  atom  within  the  body. It  can  change  the  vibrational  frequency  in  your  body’s  cells  in  a  matter  of  minutes. Simply  put,  professional  energy  healing  is  attuning  the  electromagnetic  field  of  the body  to  help  bring  it  back  into  balance.

The Human Body & Energy

What can energy healing do for me?

  • Release stuck emotions like guilt and depression

  • Remove toxins from the body

  • Release stuck energy which can cause physical pain

  • Improve your blood circulation

  • Cleanse your energy pathways

  • Improve sleep and relaxation by alleviating mental and spiritual angst

Oh and did you know that our hearts beat at a particular energetic frequency that facilitates gratitude, happiness, and better communication. Research has branched further afield, investigating this magnetic field of the heart, and its relationship to the magnetic fields of the Earth—and how that connection might improve the world by radiating good energy out into it. (LOVE ENERGY/VIBRATION)
The quality of the signals the heart sends to the brain profoundly affects our perceptions, brain function, and emotional experience. The heart literally sends more neurological signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.  
Here are the four ways the heart and brain communicate: 
• Neurologically, via the transmission of nerve impulses: This is probably the most important means of communication between the heart and brain. 
• Energetically, via magnetic fields: Every time the heart beats, it creates a magnetic field that we can measure, using a magnetometer. Remember in science class in school, when you dumped iron filings on a glass plate, and they all magically lined up with the filed lines of the magnet? Those magnetic field lines are also produced by the beating heart (and the Earth). The heart’s magnetic field communicates to all the cells in the body, and it also reaches out and can affect the people around us. In fact, we can measure the energetic interaction of the magnetic fields between people. 
• Biochemically, via hormones and neurotransmitting chemicals in the body. The heart is a major source of hormones: It secretes atrial peptides and catecholamines, like norepinephrine. Perhaps the most interesting hormone secreted by the heart is oxytocin—the heart manufactures and releases as much oxytocin as the brain. 
• Biophysically, via blood flow through the heart. The pressure wave you experience when you feel your pulse on your wrist or neck also squeezes all the cells as it passes by, and that’s also a source of communication and information. You can measure it with any pulse sensor, and even observe large electrical voltages occurring in the cardiovascular system, and brain cells responding to that pressure wave. 

So I work on many things but an initial focus is deep healing/balancing of the lower chakras to allow for ample heart chakra connection and healing which enables me to then aid your own body into permanent self-healing, check below on Chakras and Your Health as well as What to Expect during a Healing Session 💜💫


ROOT CHAKRA (1st chakra, Root Chakra, red)

Located at the very base of your body, your tailbone. This chakra responds to your feelings regarding home, money, career, and safety regarding basic needs. This is your connection to your mother and mother earth. The energy at this center is concerned with the simple act of staying alive. Remaining positive and open to possibilities strengthens this chakra and allows for stability and inner strength. It governs the immune system, base of spine, legs, feet, bones, rectum, adrenals, male organs, prostate, large intestine. 


Some physical dysfunctions: Frequent illness, bowel disorders, large intestine, bones, chronic low back pain, sciatica, depression, lack of energy.

SACRAL CHAKRA (2nd chakra, orange)

Located between the navel and pubic bone. This chakra has to do with your feelings of deservedness and desires. It also is the center of your sexuality and creativity. Do you give yourself permission to have the things you want, allow pleasure in your life, give your body what it needs to thrive – good food, rest, fun, work, exercise? Remember too much or too little causes imbalance. This center controls our appetite for food, sex, and pleasure. It governs the lower intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, female organs, kidneys, appendix, bladder, prostate, hip area and all body fluids. 


Some physical dysfunctions: Ob/Gyn problems, spleen, urinary and bladder infections, loss of appetite for food, sex and life, chronic low back, diabetes, addictions, impotence.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA (3rd chakra, yellow)

Located directly below sternum and above stomach. This chakra shines bright like the sun because we need to have self worth and be proud of who we are. It is an awareness of invaluable worth, esteem and true power. As we grow and experience life, it is how we respond to challenging situations that make us who we are and determine how we feel about ourselves. This chakra responds to the emotions we feel as we experience life’s challenges. It governs the diaphragm, respiratory and digestive system, stomach, liver, kidney, gallbladder, pancreas, small intestines, mid-low back, rib cage.


Some physical dysfunctions: Problems with stomach and liver, anorexia, bulimia, pancreatitis, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, digestive disorders, ulcers.

HEART CHAKRA (4th chakra, green)

Located in the heart/chest area. The heart is an international and ancient symbol for love. This chakra thrives on joy and delight; it flourishes on openness, sharing, touch and connection. It connects with pain, loss, and trauma. Feeding the heart with positive energy is choosing to see the love in people and the joy in all things. Negative experiences regarding the heart (or any chakra) at any point in life can cause the chakra to close down which in time will cause physical suffering. Find people who warm you, find happiness. Love yourself and find love from the Source. It governs the heart and circulatory system, lungs, bronchial tubes, shoulders, arms, thymus gland, breasts, mid-upper back. 


Some physical dysfunctions: Asthma, lung and breast cancer, pneumonia, hypertension, angina, arthritis, disorders of thymus, heart, circulatory system, immune system, pain around scapula.

THROAT CHAKRA (5th chakra, blue)

Located at the throat/thyroid. This chakra resonates with speaking your truth. Sometimes we don’t say what needs to be said; sometimes we don’t know when we have said enough. This center will shut down from grief and unexpressed feelings such as anger and fear. It is compromised when we are dishonest, maligning, or gossiping about others. On the flip side, we do ourselves a disservice when we refrain from speaking our truth as best we can, even at the risk of being different or standing apart from others. We must mean what we say and say what we mean. We must express ourselves, not just with words but in a variety of creative ways. It governs the throat, thyroid, neck, vocal cords, mouth, gums, jaw, teeth, ears, shoulders, arms, hands. 


Some physical dysfunctions: Raspy throat, chronic sore throat, mouth ulcers, gum disease, TMJ, laryngitis, swollen glands, thyroid problems, headaches, neck/shoulder pain, ear infections.

BROW CHAKRA (6th chakra, Third-eye, indigo)

Located at the center of the forehead. When fully activated, this chakra stimulates both hemispheres of the brain. When these two hemispheres work together they create a harmonious vision of reality, incorporating grounded logical thinking, and intuitive, imaginative experience. This chakra offers energy to question whether what we have been taught is true or false and it is about the power of mind to create our reality at physical, mental, and emotional levels. It is the person with much wisdom who has cultivated what this chakra has to offer. It governs the brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, face, pituitary and pineal glands. 


Some physical dysfunctions: Headaches, brain tumors, ear and eye problems, nose and sinus problems, learning disabilities, spinal problems, nightmares.

CROWN CHAKRA (7th chakra, white violet)

Located at the crown of your head. The opening of this chakra coincides with the time in our lives when we face several difficult personal choices and external life challenges. These ultimately bring us spiritual insights and a great sense of what we are capable of and what our higher purpose might be. For many, such realizations are often seen as a form of a mid-life crisis or enlightenment. It often leads us to reject what we have been, in pursuit of what we could become. This is the center where we experience and know God as an active presence in our lives, and follow His ways. It governs the cranium, top of head, central nervous system.


Some physical dysfunctions: Energetic disorders, migraines, amnesia, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, seizures, sensitivity to light and other environmental factors, religious or spiritual discontent.


During a chakra balancing session, the client is fully clothed while lying on a comfortable massage table with a blanket if desired. For further relaxation, soft music of a chosen frequency is played and essential oils may be used. 
The session begins with energy healing: I connect with your (the client's) energy as well as the Universal Healing Energy (sometimes referred to as white healing light, Life Force Energy, Prana, Reiki etc). This is followed by a “reading” of the chakras as I feel (sense and use my hands without touching) which chakras are too open, too closed, or other specific qualities and imbalances held within the chakra itself. 
All life around us can be influenced by intention, and so too can the energetic body be influenced. A thought form is energy, the healing light is energy, chakras are energy. When dealing with energy, the intention to create a change, or to heal, perpetuates that thought into action. Clients often remark about the beautiful arrangement of colors they experience during the session. 
During the session, depending on the needs of the individual, I place crystals on or around you and am often prompted to do a gentle guided "meditation" which enables the client to become a very active participant in the process. While the client continues to remain quiet and relaxed on the table, I guide the clients’ thoughts through their energetic body, focusing on balancing the chakras.


A Chakra is a center of spinning energy which nourishes the physical body. Its vitality is directly related to our social, sexual, and spiritual energy. There are seven main chakras in the body, located in very specific places. These chakras are directly linked to certain glands and govern specific physical structures in the body.

When an emotional event occurs in a person's life, the energy or feelings from that event influence the state of the chakra. If the energy is positive, the chakra benefits. If the energy from that event is negative, the chakra becomes imbalanced. In short, our emotions have an effect on our chakras, and our chakras have an effect on our physical bodies. The imbalance of a chakra doesn’t ordinarily occur in response to a single event; rather it’s the repetition of similar events without relief that eventually will cause the chakra to become too closed, too open, or imperfect. In addition, if a certain event from childhood or any stage of life creates an imbalance in a chakra, the imbalance itself will eventually cause a psychological change in how a person perceives life as it applies to that chakra.
For example: A child who is never shown love but desperately wants love will eventually close up his heart chakra or the chakra will begin to turn counterclockwise. This change in the chakra will, in time, change the person psychologically to the point he has built up walls and doesn’t allow love in or send love out.  As a child, he desperately wanted love but was denied it. As a grown man, he refuses to accept love and can not give it out. The additional unfortunate outcome of this is the chakra is completely imbalanced and therefore cannot nourish the physical body parts it governs. In this scenario, it is the heart chakra in question, which governs the heart, lungs, thoracic, etc. In time, this man will most likely develop disease like lung cancer, degenerative spine, heart disease, etc.
Through chakra balancing, meditation, coaching, and the desire to change, this scenario can be changed.

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