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The Human Body & Energy

Our bodies are made of atoms, and all atoms emit frequency (electromagnetic waves). When a physical body is exceptionally healthy, its atoms are emitting harmonious frequencies, allowing communication of information from one cell to another on a symbiotic level. When frequencies in the body are disrupted, the atoms emit inconsistent wavelengths of energy, which can cause mutations in the cells. This can then leave cells vulnerable to disease or cause them to become free radicals.


The cells of a body afflicted with disease are not vibrating in unison with each other and cannot communicate.

What causes disease can be a multitude of reasons, both external and internal. A major cause is due to our environment and how we perceive it. When we are stressed or have conflict within ourselves and people around us, we create that conflict and disruption within our own bodies, causing our cells to move out of sync with each other.

Most people have a hard time grasping that the body is pure energy. Western medicine is only just beginning to learn about the flow of energy within the body, even though physicians have been using it diagnostically for years. For instance, an EEG measures the electrical activity of your brain cells, and an EKG measures your heart’s electrical activity. A sonogram sends soundwaves throughout your body, and because all skin, tissues, bones, organs, etc., have their own vibrational frequency, the soundwave frequency vibrates off all the other frequencies and forms a picture.

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