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Twin Flames

As a proud Divine Feminine, it is my passion and part of my soul's mission to spread

TRUTH about the Twin Flame journey. Here you will find a mix of Twin Flame education, guidance and stories from my personal Twin Flame journey <3 I am a divine channel, healer, medium, intuitive and psychology student. But more importantly, I am a student of the universe on the hunt for universal truth to spread the LOVE that we are to ALL, above all else! I am on a true, authentic, twin flame path. Having not even heard the term "Twin Flame" until half a year into my journey of discovery, or better termed "What the f**k is this? And why do I know you are the person I have been searching (but not actually) for, this entire lifetime?!"

This is not a fairytale romance, at least, not the beginning. This is a demonstration of  what it means to embody unconditional love,

it is the hard, ugly& yet beautiful truth of the amount of  true trust, faith, compassion and forgiveness  it takes to battle a lifetime of fear and false programing  and return to the only real truth, 


And therefore, eachother,

and ALL <3

Thanks for being here <3

One spark of divine creation/love.

T'ai chi rotates and divides into two idential spheres- Twin Flames of the One.



Screenshot_20221108-115601_Samsung Internet.jpg

Each divine sphere (monad), consists of the I AM presence, surrounded by the rings of color, of light, which make up the Causal Body.

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