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FREE Reiki/ Quantum Energy Healings & Guided Meditations 

Please enjoy these free Energy Healings & Guided Mediations 


Daily Chakra Cleanse / 5D Merkabah Activation



Pure Awareness I am 

A Mooji Mantra to still the mind.


Nadi Shodhana- Breathing Exercise/Pranayam for Anxiety and deep Calming 💞

Our Breath is Our life.

Allow me to guide you through a short breathing exercise to use anytime you need to calm your mind.


Positive Daily Affirmations- Tell Yourself A Different Story Today

Positive Morning Affirmations to manifest all the love, joy & abundance you desire. Powerful Morning affirmations for an Amazing Day filled with Abundance, Love & Joy. Raise your vibration in 10 minutes. Love your life Morning Affirmations, start today! The ideal way to start your day, positive morning affirmations: - increase your physical and mental energy - be confident - love yourself - fill with happiness & contentment - manifest your dreams


Relax Before Sleep Energy Healing Guided Meditation

This quick but powerful meditation can be done sitting or lying in bed. This will aid in optimizing your subconscious mind before sleep for a better quality rest and day ahead.


Take back Your Power 💫 Energy Healing Decree/Mini Meditation

I connect us quickly with universal consciousness and guide you through an invocation to call back your energy and power.


Learn to Forgive Yourself & Others - Reiki Energy Healing & Meditation

Learn to forgive Yourself or others in order to heal and live a more positive life 💞 I also channel Reiki and high vibrational love energy to assist in your healing and receiving of the energy of forgiveness ✨️


Heart Chakra Ascension Activation & Healing for Higher Frequency Love ❤️

In this audio I Channel the highest vibration of love into your heart chakra to assist in the purification, healing and activation of your heart chakra so you can embody the higher frequency of unconditional Love.


Mars Venus Conjunction Divine Union Balance Meditation

In this special Energy Channeled Healing Audio we are joined by Mars and Venus Emissaries to aid us in a balancing of our inner masculine and feminine energies. February 2022 Conjunction


2/2/2022 5D Ascension Activation and Chakra Cleanse

22 22 Portal 5th Dimensional Ascension Activation Codes and Chakra Cleanse


Heal Energy between You and your Mother and Father Guided Meditation

Please allow me to guide you through a powerful energy Channeled and healing meditation to heal the energy between you and each of your parents and ancestral lines.


Energy Cleanse Light Shower Meditation

Your vibration WILL be raised after listening 🎶


Guided Meditation & Energy Healing to Let Go/Forgiveness

Forgiveness is for you. Holding onto pain is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.


Daily Ascension Invocation for Connecting to Your Higher Self & Your Guides/Angels/Ascended Masters

I pull through high frequency source codes/Ascension codes as well as the frequency of unconditional love (each person will recieve the highest they are ready for at this time) to be used for your highest most loving good ❤️ The following frequencies are also contained in this video: 10.5 Hz Alpha Binaural Beats Serotonin Release

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